Please read these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”, “Terms and Conditions”) carefully before booking our services and/or purchasing our products.

(“us”, “we”, or “our”) refers to Able Anglers Pty Ltd, Moreton Bay Able Anglers, the content providers, and

Your access to and use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to all customers of our service.  A customer for the purpose of this agreement is any persons and/or organisations who engage us to provide a service.


Our business, Able Anglers Pty Ltd provides fishing tuition, advice and outings/trips to our clients, these trips are designed to be informative, fun and of course exciting.

Our primary service is fishing tuition sessions that are designed to inform participants about fishing, the tools, their usage and of course, to give them a new, exciting opportunity to spend by the water enjoying the great outdoors and mother nature.

We do this by selecting a location suitable to the participant’s abilities and special needs, when a location is selected, several things are taken into consideration such as;

  • Public Toilets
  • Clean Drinking Fountains or Shops to Purchase Drinks/Food
  • Little to No Distractions including locations with little foot traffic (where possible)
  • Safety Around Water, Rocks, Obstructions including Trip Hazards


While each location we suggest is based on our localised knowledge, it is the responsibility of our clients to perform their own OH&S suitability check of the suggested location, each participant is different in their thinking, needs and of course abilities both physically and mentally.


As our business is designed to provide a fishing respite service, we require that a suitably appointed person is present at all times during the session, this person we will refer to as the guardian.  Our team are not trained in social work or personal care professions.

On the basis that a Parent, Carer, Social Worker or Support Worker is present during the sessions at all times, our team members are not required to apply for or hold an Australian Blue Card or Yellow Card.


Able Anglers Pty Ltd provide our services in public spaces, public locations including Jetties, Pontoons, Parks etc.  Able Anglers Pty Ltd cannot be held liable for injury or damages caused by public access locations, whilst all care is taken to ensure the suitability and safety of each location, for each session, the client agrees that Able Anglers Pty Ltd are not legally or financially responsible for injury or damage to persons, property or vehicles.

Able Anglers Pty Ltd understands that the services we provide and the clients we service can present challenges and disruptions.  During our intake discussions (prior to or at the time of first booking), you maybe asked about the participants Medical Diagnosis, Medical Symptoms, Personalities, Criminal Histories and/or Mobility.  At all times, this information is kept strictly confidential and is used only to ensure our service is offered appropriately, efficiently and safely for all participants attending our session(s).  In some cases, a 1-on-1 session maybe suggested due to specific needs or concerns.


Able Anglers Pty Ltd primarily designed our business as a group session provider, however, we are more than happy to provide one-on-one session to our clients, these sessions can be structured around the individual’s knowledge and/or interest.  Fees per session are as per our fee structure and it is important to understand our Parents, Carers, Social Workers ETC section.


Able Anglers Pty Ltd have designed our business primarily around group sessions, group sessions are a way to assist multiple people learn this amazing hobby at the same time, they will make new friends who all share the same passion.

Group Sessions are designed to be operated over several short sessions taking a beginner from never picking up a fishing rod to being able to fish.  The final cast being where the amazing journey has seen them achieve someone beautiful, this is where our passion comes from.

Fees per session are as per our fee structure and it is important to understand our Parents, Carers, Social Workers ETC section.


Able Anglers Pty Ltd do not provide transportation services to, from or during our sessions.  All sessions are conducted at the one singular location, the location may vary depending on the session.  It is the client’s responsibility to provide transportation for the participant(s).


Able Anglers Pty Ltd supplies fishing rods, tackle, bait and tuition where required during each session conducted.  If you have your own fishing rod and/or equipment, you are welcome to bring this along.  Our team may check your equipment prior to the session to ensure safety and suitability for the session.


Moreton Bay Able Anglers is a business name registered in Queensland, Australia and was originally registered in 2016.  In 2020, the business was upgraded to a Proprietary Limited (Pty Ltd) company under the name of Able Anglers Pty Ltd.


South-East Queensland weather is very random and as we are dealing with mother nature, we try our best to ensure a session date is picked with optimal conditions.  The forecast is checked when group sessions are planned and monitored in the lead up to the day, should the weather forecast change to become unstable conditioning prior to the day or on the day, you will be contacted to re-schedule the session.


While all participants are in the presence of their guardians, as a service provider, Able Anglers Pty Ltd also carry a basic first aid kit in the unfortunate event of injury, for emergency situations 000 will be contacted and any costs associated with medical assistance and/or transportation will be borne by the client.


Able Anglers Pty Ltd may charge a cancellation fee where sessions are cancelled under 24 hours, this is at the discretion of the company.  In the case where an event has been re-scheduled or postponed, a plan may still be invoiced and this amount credited to a participants sessions.

Under general terms, we do not provide a refund to participants, however, a participants account will be credited to use against a re-schedule or a new session.  In some cases, depending on the circumstances, a refund maybe provided where a re-schedule is not possible due to illness or interstate travels.


All invoices are to be paid on time, Able Anglers Pty Ltd understand that often our clients wait for funding from Government Grants, NDIS Funding and in some cases, pension payments and this can take some time, unless prior arrangements are made, we may request pre-payment of an invoice or invoices to ensure your booking placement is kept. Invoices can be paid by Australian Bank Transfer.


Able Anglers Pty Ltd can supply fishing rods, reels, tackle and safety equipment upon request, these items will need to be paid for at the time of placing your order.

All items (unless otherwise stated) are of new, unused state.


Able Anglers Pty Ltd reserves the right to update, modify or include additional conditions at their discretion, all efforts will be made to update our clients of the changes, however, our website will always include updates and modifications.