Welcome to Able Anglers Pty Ltd,

Able Anglers (formerly known as Moreton Bay Able Anglers) provides many different services to our participants.  Our services primarily fall under the category of Social and Community Participation.

  • Disability Fishing Respite Service
  • Mental Health Fishing Respite Service
  • Fishing Tuition
  • Fishing Groups
  • Photography Tuition
  • Photography Outings

Our services are available to participants who are Plan or Self managed under the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme), however, if you do not have a NDIS plan or are self funded, you can still enjoy our awesome services.

When we work with our participants their support workers/carers or if they are working with support co-ordinators and plan managers, we discuss all available options and customise a session to suit our participants needs and goals.

Able Anglers Pty Ltd provides emotional social support to our participants, essentially in the same way a respite service works, in fact, our services are specifically for people living with a Disability or Mental Illness.  Disability Fishing, Mental Health Fishing, Photography Tuition, In-Home and Community Support Workers are some of the services we can offer our participants.

We pride ourselves in providing a comfortable, adaptable and compassionate service to each and every participant.  If you would like to see some of our reviews, you can see what our participants say about our service on our Reviews page on our website.

Able Anglers Pty Ltd can facilitate both land and boat based fishing sessions, guided boat tours and Photography tuition and outings.

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