Mental Health Respite Specialists Of The Year 20/21

2021 Prestige Awards Mental Health Respite Specialists Of the Year

Able Anglers have been working hard since 2016 to make our mark in the Disability and Mental Health Industries, and, WE DID IT!

Our goal has always been simple, “Reel Opportunities For Real People”, by this we mean, designing and facilitating activities specifically for people living with a Disability or Mental Illness.

Not just any activity, all activities that our participants have always thought were not possible or they could never have achieved again.  Here are some of our satisfaction stories from participants;

  • “Thank you! I have not seen Moreton Island for over 15 years and thought I would never get back there since getting sick”
  • “I was told I would never walk, yet, here you guys are, getting me on a Jet Ski”
  • “I have seen race cars on TV but never up close and the laps were absolutely amazing sitting in that car!”
  • “Able Anglers have literally been a life saver for me”
  • “I can not thank you enough for the patience you have and the time you put into all of your activities, you are a godsend”
  • “I never thought I would step outside my comfort zone, you guys make it so easy, so simple, we are all just a big group of friends”

We could copy so many of our testimonials and reviews, however, the ones above are testament to the dedication our team put into brightening the lives of each and every participant.

Thank you for everyone who voted for us and who have used our services.  We were not only nominated several times for this award, we WON!

Mental Health Respite Specialists Of The Year 20/21