2021 Christmas Donations For Depart. Child Safety

Child Safety Donations Christmas Appeal

Able Anglers are all about helping people get the most out of life and making the most of a situation.

Christmas is no different, in a time such as Christmas, we set out to help as many people as we can, help people feel included and feel loved.

To do this, we put the call out to our contacts and Seasons Living at Waterford West did an absolutely amazing job, their staff are a godsend for our appeal, over 100 gifts donated specifically for children, both boys and girls.  Today we put them all together with other presents and gifts and we donated them to Department of Child Safety.

If we can make the lives of others a little easier during otherwise tough times, then, Able Anglers, our team and our contacts are there to help.

Thank you again to Seasons Living for your generous donation and amazing efforts.