Flood Support and Relief Requests

There are many reports and posts around where people are trying to give items to evacuation centres and emergency accomodation providers, however, due to being overwhelmed they are not taking or accepting these items.

Able Anglers have had a meeting with our Admin and Management staff this weekend where we will utilise part of our office for storage.   Due to the space required, we will accept the following items, as required to be delivered or rationed out, they will be bundled into gift packages to help flood Victims.  Our office is secured by, 24 hour monitored security cameras with video and audio. Items outside of the below list are unable to be accepted.

Able Anglers are not seeking financial donations or monetary items, only items to assist people to return to their homes or where they are in need of the below items.

– Toothbrushes
– Toothpaste
– Toilet paper
– Hand towels
– Bath towels
– Hand wash / shampoo / conditioner / body wash
– Deodorant (male, female, unisex)
– Ladies sanitary products
– Washing Powder
– Nappies
– Cleaning Products and Accessories

Able Anglers will also be donating other items as required. Where these items are unable to be received by Evacuation Shelters or Emergency Accomodation Providers, they will be gift bundled for Child Safety and Domestic Violence shelters.

To contact our office, you can call 07 2103 4195 (M-F 9am till 5pm or email info@ableanglers.com.au.