National Recycling Week – See How We Are Making A Difference

Recycle Week

Able Anglers are involved in the National Recycling Week program.  Able Anglers are always looking out for ways to recycle, up-cycle and of course, keep things out of land fill.

This year, what Able Anglers are doing is very special.  We understand that there are family and people in our communities who do not have access to technology or resources to obtain these resources.  One of our team members has a extensive background (over 20 years) in I.T and Technology, so we are using this knowledge and expertise in a great way.

Anyone who has old technology devices such as;

  • Mobile Phones
  • Ipads / Tablets
  • TV’s
  • Computers / Laptops
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Smart Watches

Our team will be cleaning, repairing and analysing these devices to ensure they are suitable for people with young children and/or families in need.  The devices will be provided to people in need at no cost to them as a way of recycling old items.

You can contact our office on 07 2103 4195 to discuss where to take these items or our team can collect them.