We Pink Your Amazing!

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The colour pink is fun, it is vibrant, it is bright and it has long been associated with the fight against breast cancer. BUT, there is nothing pretty about breast cancer, it does not deserve to be associated with such a great colour; that is why Project Pink is out for revenge on the disease that affects so many families in Australia, to make pink just a pretty colour again.

The annual breast cancer campaign is an initiative of the PA Research Foundation with partners Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group (ALH), Aveo Group, Stellarossa Coffee Stores and Network 10.

In 2020 more than 3100 Australian women will lose their battle with breast cancer – that’s eight women a day, making it the second most common cause of female cancer-related death. Funds raised for the campaign will support revolutionary breast cancer research projects at the PA Hospital Campus which are focused on improving treatments and diagnostics for those faced with the disease.

Able Anglers are always on the look out for fundraising efforts and community callouts where our contribution does not go to Administration or Staff costs, but goes, primarily to the cause and intended destination.

In April 2021, Able Anglers donated $2,000 to Project Pink to assist in the Breast Cancer research.  Able Anglers personally know people who have lived through Breast Cancer and other cancers so supporting this cause is close to our hearts.