Able Anglers | The Originals

It Is Better To Fail In Originality Than To Succeed In Imitation Able Anglers Are Original

Able Anglers Pty Ltd are a company that has been in operation since 2016.

Our business goals, model and structure are original and took 2 years to plan and develop our business structure prior to commencing our official operations.  It is these business processes that have contributed to the success of Able Anglers Pty Ltd.

We do not have a pompous attitude, however, we understand the reason why our participants, support workers, support coordinators and plan managers utilise our services, we understand the importance of our services and the effect our service has on participants mental health.

Able Anglers Pty Ltd are the original, longest running Fishing Respite Service in Queensland, our model is unique and specific.  Since the designing process of our business commenced in 2014 (2 years of designing, 4 years of operation), our objectives have never changed.

Now with that all said and explained, we understand that “competition” in business is healthy and it is accepted, however, we have some advice for up and coming competitors, not just our competitors but competitors in any field of business.

  • Be unique, this is important, if you clone a business name or idea, your goals can not be unique, this provides you with little to no credit or merit.
  • Ensure your service offering(s) align with your goals.
  • Do not clone a business name from another area or state, this is tacky and shows a very bad business model and deception.  If people were to find out about a business who does this, it discredits the business and removes them from the unique business models.
  • If a business helps your business along the way, you should support them and their cause, not deceive them or break privacy and provide information to their competitors.  This is not only morally wrong, it is also breaching the Privacy Act 1988 and (explained below), also a breach of Intellectual Property.
  • You need to have a unique selling proposition (USP)

Able Anglers Pty Ltd have always worked with, promoted and cross-featured all businesses that have worked with our company, what we do not tolerate is when businesses breach Our Trust, Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian IP law which is designed to encourage innovation and protect businesses that develop original IP in order to have a competitive advantage.

We have had several businesses breach our Trust, the Privacy Act 1988 and Australian IP Laws when cloning our concept and our business. 

Please, in order to give your business a good go and be “the best you can be”, you need to be unique and there is a thing called unique selling proposition (USP), all businesses should have one.