We feel it is better to make a new date (undecided) than to risk rough weather and limited activities.

Able Anglers loves being out in the natural elements, the wind, the sun and of course in great company.

Unfortunately, similarly to our Catamaran trip, the session for today was cancelled due to the pending storms.  This again, was a decision not easy to make, however, we do need to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Able Anglers understands the frustration and sadness cancellations cause our participants, this is why decisions are not made lightly when it comes to cancellations.

Things we need to check before cancellations;

  • Current Wind (for boarding purposes)
  • Forecast for 3, 5 and 6 hours (for trip comfortability and safety)
  • Rain levels (now, 2 hours and forecast)
  • Tides (this defines where we can go and for how long)
  • If using external provider, we need their advice and suggestion on cancelling.

When a cancellation happens, there are quite a few things that need to take place;

  • Participant SMS, Phone Call, Email
  • Support Worker (if known) SMS, Phone Call, Email
  • Support Co-Ordinator SMS, Phone Call, Email
  • Our Staff SMS and Phone Call
  • External Provider (if we are using a provider for a particular session)
  • Note on our website, social media accounts

This process can take quite some time to cancel a session, then there is also anxiety and stress caused in fear that we did not reach anyone and we have not only wasted someones time, but the disappointment of arriving to only find out the session has been cancelled.