Cancellation Policy Update

Fishing Cancellation Policy

Able Anglers have been operating since 2016 providing a service that benefits literally hundreds of participants.

Our service is primarily participant focused, although Able Anglers are a company structure, profits and financial measures are not our primary focus, however, as we are a life goal focused service, many events, functions and activities we develop are numbers based.

When we say numbers based, we mean simply a certain amount of participants are required to cover our outlays and expense, to make the trip work and to at least break even on our outlays.

We completely understand that COVID-19, Seasonal Flu and Mental Health all contribute to cancellations and these aspects are something we have never planned to charge cancellation fees for.

What we have done is opened up our Cancellation Policy so as cancellation fees maybe charged for cancellations, on some sessions whereby notice of under 24 hours has been provided.  This is primarily sessions such as;

  • One-on-One Sessions
  • Moreton Island Trips
  • BBQ Boat Sessions
  • V8 Supercars

These sessions are expensive to operate and are solely based on participant numbers, if a participant cancels and we can not fill the place, the session still continues to operate at a loss.