Charter Fishing Licence Approved!

Deep Sea Fishing Disability Mental Illness NDIS 2

Able Anglers were officially approved for our Charter Fishing Licence on 31st March 2021.

What this means is simple, Able Anglers can officially provide a Deep Sea Fishing and Moreton Bay Fishing Charter service to our participants.  This is a big step forward for our participants and our company.

Deep Sea Fishing is an activity we have in the pipeline since 2020, however, like many activities we provide, these take months of planning, testing and training for our staff, the crew manning the vessels and of course insurance.  Insurance coverage will only be provided by a select number of companies to Able Anglers.

Many insurance companies deem our activities as high risk due to the words "Disability" or "Mental Health", however, this is where our push, passion and fight comes into play.  We spend months discussing, bantering and negotiating strict rules with our suppliers to ensure our participants are given the chance to be included.

Able Anglers are teaming up with an amazing company to run these sessions and trips, we have a long standing business relationship with this company and have been working closely with them for almost 2 years now.

These fishing trips are going to be amazing, the first of its kind.  A Fishing Charter Service specifically designed for people living with a Disability or Mental Illness.  We don't stop there, each and every one of our sessions and activities are based on participant requests and goals.

If you are not an existing participant of Able Anglers, please complete our Intake Form.