Able Anglers christmas Holiday Period

Able Anglers are excited for Christmas, this is where we are holding out for all of the beer, wine, cheese & crackers and bigger boat presents to flow from all of the support workers and support coordinators 😛

No! That is a joke, or is it 🙂

Ok, let’s get serious now.  Christmas time is a great time for many people, this time also has a vast set of emotions that flow with it, for this reason, Able Anglers are only cancelling a handful of sessions, all other sessions will continue to operate as per usual.

We must mention that some locations, being public jetties or pontoons may be busier than usual during the holiday periods, for this reason, we ask for support workers, where required, to provide extra emotional support and encouragement to participants to not only attend but to feel at ease with a few people around.

The dates which are being cancelled are;

28th December – BBQ Boat
29th December – BBQ Boat

1st January – Bald Hills
4th January – BBQ Boat
5th January – BBQ Boat

At this stage, there are no plans to cancel any other sessions (except for weather or sickness).

Thank you for your patience and understanding on the above cancellations and we look forward to continuing to provide our awesome services.