Companion Card Accepted Here

Able Anglers Companion Card

Able Anglers, since our inception in 2016, have always had a policy for all of our sessions.

That policy is simple, we do not charge additional fees or charges for a support worker or carer attending with a participant.  We encourage support workers to attend and participate in our activities.

Some of our activities where Companion Card or our own policy applies are;

  • Fishing – Land Based
  • Fishing – Boat Based
  • Moreton Island Tours
  • Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Some of the activities where we are unable to accept Companion Card or include support workers/carers in activities at no cost is;

  • V8 Super Cars
  • Circus Shows
  • Short Term Respite Trips
  • Some Social Activities (where numbers are limited)

We try our best, in all cases, to accomodate our participants needs and requirements.  All of our services are based on each participants mobility concerns and food allergies when known.

Unless otherwise specified, a companion card is not required to be presented or shown.  We thank each and every support worker for their attendance to our sessions and to assist our team to ensure their clients enjoy our sessions and services.