Exclusive Industry Leading, Custom Software

NDIS Industry Software

Able Anglers has been operating since 2016, during this time, our services, coverage and participant numbers have increased dramatically.

While the company directors have extensive experience and diploma based training in Event Management and/or Business Management, in order to keep things operating smoothly, efficiently and professionally, we needed a solution to maintain communication and transparency within the company.

Steven designed, built and coded our own software package, this package is more advanced than nearly all other industry packages of the same calibre.  This application was built with our participants, support co-ordinators and plan managers in mind.  The software, compared to other industry applications available provides so many more features, here is just a some of them;

Participant Access:

  • See up and coming bookings
  • See past bookings and compare with invoices or plan schedules
  • Cancel bookings
  • Get report on past attendances including case notes
  • Reminder email every Sunday advising all sessions booked for the coming week

Support Co-Ordinator / Plan Manager Access (Only participants associated with your profile):

  • See up and coming bookings for all participants
  • See past bookings and compare for all participants
  • Cancel sessions for participants
  • See case notes from each and every session including who was assigned
  • Plan review reports including case notes on attendance and cancellations

Employee Access:

  • See up and coming schedules
  • See maps of bookings
  • See participant diagnosis and mobility concerns when a session is assigned
  • Update Blue Card, Yellow Card, First Aid and NDIS Worker Screening records
  • Request Time Off, System Blocks out employee so they can not be assigned to sessions during the approved dates/times
  • Inventory and Stocktaking
  • Pay Advance Requests
  • Internal Messaging between staff and admin
  • Many hidden features to ensure Able Anglers remain the industry leading provider

Our software also has other access option for Administration, Directors, Franchisees and Sub-Contractors.  Our system is constantly evolving and in just over 12 months, this system completely manages much of our operations smoothly, efficiently and rapidly.

Able Anglers have had quite a few requests and offers from external companies to purchase this software, while this is a great achievement, it is not available for sale.