Frequently Asked Questions


Able Anglers provides a Mental Health Respite Service, primarily based around Fishing and outdoor activities that promote social inclusion and community participation.  Some of our services include Moreton Island Tours, Photography Tuition and Walks, V8 Super Car Rides and so much more.

Quite often our team are asked some common questions, these questions are generic and we thought we would put them here for you to read.

Q.  When did Able Anglers start / How long have you guys been running?

A. Able Anglers was designed in 2014, after 2 years of extensive research and planning, Able Anglers commenced trading in 2016 under the name Moreton Bay Able Anglers.

Q. Why did Moreton Bay Able Anglers become Able Anglers Pty Ltd?

A. Moreton Bay was our original area of service, however, in a short period of time, our service was requested in other areas including Brisbane, Redlands, Logan, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.  The name was shortened to Able Anglers.

Q. What does the Pty Ltd mean on the end of the name?

A. Pty Ltd is Proprietary Limited.  This means we are established as a company structure.

Q. Where is Able Anglers actually based?

A. Able Anglers has an office located in Redcliffe, Queensland

Q. Who runs Able Anglers?

A. Able Anglers is managed by Steve.  Steve has a very extensive business background combined with a background in Aged Care and Disability Support.  Steve comes to the team with a Diploma of Event Management, Business Management Experience and an extensive history of business development.

Steve also has lived Mental Health experience.

Q. Does Able Anglers have insurance?

A. Able Anglers have several insurance policies including $20 Million Public Liability coverage, professional Indemnity Insurance, Work Cover and several other policies.

Q. You must be living the dream! Fishing 5 days a week!

A. Myth Busted 🙂 Like any business, there are many behind the scene things which need to take place to ensure that Able Anglers remains the leader in our field and to ensure that things run smoothly.

Able Anglers receives on average, 8-10 new intake forms a day, followed by entering these into our system, ensuring bookings are entered into our system.

We also need to ensure that we attend local council/community meetings, NDIS meetings and groups, monitor online forums to ensure we stay abreast of what is happening in our industry.

Staff need to be monitored and participants need to be contacted to gain feedback and to ensure that our team are keeping on track with our goals.

Insurance, this one is a big one, no single insurance policy is the same, with constantly changing policy statements and with COVID-19, some clauses are written to protect the insurer so we need to continually monitor changes here also.

Q. If a session is only 3 hours, how many hours do you work?

A. A 3 hour session is generally 5 hours of work, travel time, bait collection/purchase, session, driving etc.  A session starts generally at 10am however our team have already been awake since 7am checking weather, traffic, cancellations, participants duty of care register and more,

Q. Do we need our own fishing rods and tackle?

A. Able Anglers provides all fishing rods, bait and tackle during our sessions, essentially everything needed to fish.

If participants do have their own fishing equipment, they are more than welcome to bring this along also.

Q. What do we need to bring to sessions?

A. Generally a hat, sunscreen and drinks

Q. Do Able Anglers provide lunch?

A. Able Anglers provides lunch on our Boat sessions, on our catamaran sessions, breakfast and lunch is provided.  Our land based sessions, we do not provide food.

Q. Can your support worker attend?

A. Able Anglers encourages support workers to attend with participants.  Support Workers are encouraged to participate and spare rods are always available for support workers to participate.

We find that this builds a great rapport and bond between support workers and participants.

Q. Do Able Anglers provide transport?

A. Able Anglers can make arrangements to provide transport, usually at an additional cost.  Transportation can be arrange in some cases, however, a risk assessment needs to be completed prior to this.  Our vehicles are not modified vehicles so we are unable to transport wheelchairs.

Q. Are the Able Anglers team experienced/trained in Disability Support?

A. Able Anglers team members have a support worker background in Disability, Aged Care and/or Mental Health.

During our sessions, we do not provide support worker services included in our sessions, however, at additional costs, a support worker can be arranged if required.

Q. What does Mental Health Respite services mean to Able Anglers?

A. Able Anglers was established to provide a social outlet to participants to hone in on their social skills, refine them and to make some amazing friendships.

Having a social inclusion activity service provider such as Able Anglers means that participants have a greater chance of achieving their personal goals, building friendships, retaining friendships and learning new skills are all just the tip of the Iceberg.

Q. If this is all about Smiles and Helping people, why does Able Anglers charge money?

A. Able Anglers is a registered company, this of course does not mean we are a million dollar company, this means that we can provide our services in an official structure.

Able Anglers employs staff members, pays insurances, hires boats, supplies food and maintains our fishing equipment, all of this costs money and unfortunately, whilst we would absolutely love to be able to provide this service for free, it is not viable to do so.

Q. Cant I just go and fish with my support worker/carer? without Able Anglers?

A. This is a common activity to do with support workers and thankfully, more and more support workers are taking participants fishing, however, Able Anglers is structured and designed to provide an amazing Social and Community service in a group environment.

Our service is designed to bring our personalities and friendships, in particular, with more and more activities being organised through Able Anglers, we focus on;

“Reel Opportunities For Real People”

Q. How do I get started?

A. On our website, we have a service intake form, this form tells us everything we need to know.  Once we receive this, a participant is put into the system ready to go.

A participant can then view the Current Events link on our website and make decisions about which event is closest to them and most suited to them.

Q.  How are bookings received?

A. Support Coordinators, Support Workers/Carers and/or Participants can send an email to with the event(s) they would like to attend and we can enter the booking.

Q. How can I see what bookings I have or past bookings?

A. Able Anglers have a custom built online team centre, by contacting us, you can receive your personal login to view your past, present and future bookings.

Q. Are Able Anglers planning to expand to other areas?

A. Able Anglers are currently planning and developing other areas such as Northern NSW, Gladstone, Rockhampton and more.

Q. “I like what you guys are doing, how can I get involved?”

A. This is a common question we are asked and we understand everyone wanting to become involved in the work we do, unfortunately, due to some Insurances and Policies we have around the work we do, we can not facilitate this offer.

We do appreciate the offers of assistance we receive.  During our expanding process, we will be seeking quality team members to join our teams, these positions will be advertised on our website.