Able Anglers are a fishing respite service designed to assist people living with a Disability or Mental Illness to live a better, more comfortable life.

It is through our own lived experience and the connections we have made through this journey that have enabled Able Anglers to not only continue but to excel in what we do, through our testimonials and perseverance, the mental health of our participants has become significantly better, our service has also given many of our participants a social activity to look forward to on a weekly basis.

Prior to the COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic, Able Anglers were providing a unique set of services, these services over and above our land based social and community participation sessions.  The service offerings we were providing were;

  • BBQ Pontoon Boat Sessions
  • Short Term Accomodation (STA) House boat sessions

Both of these sessions were expensive to operate, however, they were also our most popular service due to participants being able to experience boating and overnight stays by the water, the experience is something out of this world and as you can imagine, the experience and enjoyment each participant has obtained from these kinds of sessions has without a doubt, given each participant a new outlook on life and learning new skills along the way.

Over the past 6 months, Able Anglers have been investigating, viewing and sourcing quality, reliable boats to serve the dual purpose of our BBQ Boat and STA sessions, we have investigated several methods of funding to fund this project and what we have found is;

Cost Of Dual Purpose Boat (and all associated registrations) – $40,000

With our current sponsors and supporters, we may be able to get this over the line by fundraising.  In return for donations or fundraising prices, we will be offering the following;

$ 0.00 – $ 500 Donations – small printed name on 2 sides of the boat
$501.00 – $2000 Donation – medium printed name on 2 sides of the boat
$2001.00 – $4999 Donations – large printed name on 2 sides of the boat

For donations over $5000, if donation is made by a company, we will attach a large company logo to 2 sides of the boat

All signage will be permanent and payment will be a once off payment (not recurring or renewable).

Where Will The Boat Be Moored?

The expected plan is to have the boat moored at Scarborough, just off Redcliffe Peninsula.  This has several benefits;

  • Primarily our sessions operate in Redcliffe, Queensland area.
  • Close proximity and easy access to Moreton Bay
  • Extensive marketing possibility by being moored in this location as Scarborough is known for great photographers shooting sunset and sunrise, this boat will be designed in the look and style of the printing to be a great access to photography.

If you would like to assist in our fundraising efforts to achieve this goal, please contact Steve to discuss how you maybe able to assist us.