Let’s Talk Insurance!

Insurance Coverage

Insurance is a very important and essential part of providing a service, it is designed to protected participants, workers, sole traders, companies and the public in general.

There are many insurance companies, policy types and coverages, it can be confusing however, no one likes to read the fine print and this is dangerous.

Many service providers (sole traders, not-for-profit, businesses etc) use online brokers such as BizCover for their insurance policies.

Did you know? No policy from BizCover (or similar) covers a service provider to take participants bush walking, to the beach, swimming, fishing, boating etc. these are specialised policies and in some cases, multiple policies required.

While some of the activities we facilitate have ‘waivers’ as a duty of care, we are still responsible for participants and our team members making the waiver invalid, insurance still required.

Able Anglers currently hold 11 different insurance policies to cover every activity we provide, in order to obtain a specialised insurance policy, extensive risk assessments are required for each policy before it can be obtained and insurance brokers must be used as it is specialised insurance companies who provide certain coverages.

If you are a service provider of any sort, please ensure you read the fine print of your insurance and/or contact your insurance provider directly to ask the specific question about the activities or services you are providing.