Feedback Received

Recently Able Anglers sent a feedback request out to some participants, with more feedback requests being released soon.

As a leader in our field and a growing company, it is important that our goals, focus and service offerings remain of high integrity. Below is some position feedback recently received and neutral feedback we have taken onboard;

‘******* loves the fishing days, and it’s not just the fishing it is the group as a whole that makes his day. The staff are just amazing in their dealings with ********.

‘Thankyou for your patience and kindness shown in supporting ********** it is much appreciated’

‘I am very happy with your services for the past two years for made friendships with you and your team and other people meet along the way on these social group activities that last a long time.’

‘Able anglers has given me the opportunity to once again enjoy fishing, the team are great, they all like a good laugh and are extremely helpful when needed.’

It was advised that, with social outings the times listed on our booking form is not always the time to meet, we have taken this feedback onboard and adjusted our booking forms and job system.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback, all feedback is taken seriously and actioned where required.

Unfortunately, as many small businesses grow and expand, they and their team lose sight of their purpose, It is important that we ensure our company and the team we employ, stay the leaders but continue to work towards our goal of a totally inclusive society.