From Project To Goal Achievements

Brendan Tinnie Session

Able Anglers are all about doing everything in our control to assist participants to not only achieve their goals but to improve their mental health where we can.

Recently, Able Anglers purchased a 1939, 30Ft Norman Wright Bay Cruiser to prepare for our own boat sessions, as part of the purchase, was received a 12ft tinnie tender.  

This 12ft tender was not required as Able Anglers have a 14ft Tinnie, so we sat on the tinnie for a while until we found the perfect thing to do with the tinnie.

Brendan, a young man who is one of Able Anglers regular participants has always wanted to own a boat, he is always accompanied by motivational support workers Cameron and Mark, so a decision was made, to keep Brendan busy, the tinnie would be the perfect project boat.

As it is, the tinnie is on a trailer and works.  Last Friday, Steve delivered Brendan’s tinnie to him, the look on his face was absolutely priceless!  Within 10 minutes of delivering the tinnie, Brendan had began planning the improvements.

It has now been a week since the boat was delivered and their has been so much progress on the boat and it is going to be absolutely amazing!  I can only imagine how Brendan is feeling right now with his progress.

The boat has since had a motor installed on the boat, the boat cleaned out and I think Brendan will paint the boat and make it his own prized possession.  This truly is one of those moments where a smile is worth more than words can provide.

Tender Tinny Boat Project 2