Moreton Island trip that was organised through Able Anglers

Moreton Island Trip Able Anglers
Hi Steve and the Able Anglers team
Just wanted to write on behalf of Allen and say a huge thank you to all involved in the recent Moreton Island trip that was organised through Able Anglers. 
Although I personally was unable to attend because of work commitments Allen went along with support person David.  I was keen to hear how their day went as I was a bit worried about how Allen would be attending something for the whole day as he tends to lose focus very easily and gets frustrated and bored with things.
As things turned out he had the most wonderful day and although I was thinking he would be exhausted for the rest of the week after the trip, he was actually the opposite to what I expected and for many days after the  trip he was so bright and happy and also very alert with everything going on around him.
I can only say that the combination of the trip on the boat and the activities they were doing including exploring the wrecks at Tangalooma combined with the group of people and all of the food that was provided was just so perfect for Allen. 
He was so happy to tell anyone we were talking to about what a great time he had and all that he had done on the day. 
Steve kept me updated with photos during the day which I really appreciated as mentioned earlier I was quite worried how he would handle an all day event so I was relieved to see how happy he looked as well as being very jealous that I couldn’t be there sharing in such a great day.
David, who was Allens support person on the day, also raved about what a wonderful day it was and he commented it was so good to be able to network with the other support people on the trip.
All of these good times would not have possible with the the hard work of Able Anglers and special mention to Steve who is honestly just a true legend…I am sure none of this would be as it is without his determination and dedication to the job of bringing some joy and adventure to those among us who may be living with a physical or intellectual disability or mental illness.  My final sentence has to be a trillion to  Steve and to the NDIS….🙌
Many many thanks
Allen and Gail Battaglene
Moreton Island Trip Able Anglers