We Are The Originals, All Others Are Clones


Able Anglers was designed in 2014 and formally opened in 2016.

Through lived experiences, extensive experience and training, Able Anglers was developed as a Mental Health Respite service, initially formed as a Fishing Group Service designed to break social isolation and to provide a safe, friendly outlet for participants to talk, share stories, share a laugh all while being in a safe, welcoming environment.

Our key to being successful is;

  • Be unique 
  • Be Innovative
  • Be Approachable
  • Person-Focused, Person-Centred

Be Unique:

During our planning stage and development stage, our initial and continued research showed that;

  • There was a need for our kind of services.
  • There was no other service provider in South-East Queensland offering the same services.
  • The way we operate our services is different to any other service provider.

Be Innovative:

  • Our Fishing Group services were the first for the industry.
  • Our Fishing Charter services were the first for the industry.
  • Our Moreton Island Day Trips were the first for the industry.
  • Our V8 Supercar Ride Groups were the first for the industry.
  • Our Social Inclusion focus is the first for the industry, focusing on providing “Reel Opportunities For Real People” through social connections and innovative concepts to provide unique opportunities to our participants.
  • We do not clone, copy, plagiarise or otherwise duplicate other people’s ideas, we are the creators and originators.

Be Approachable:

Our participants not only have amazing stories to share, they have accomplished some amazing achievements throughout their lives, Listening to life stories, the good and the bad side of lives have given us a beautiful appreciation for all things great and small.  Being approachable has enabled our participants the opportunities to express their problems, discuss troubling aspects of their lives and to express themselves in a caring, nurturing environment.

Person-Focused, Person-Centred:

Able Anglers was formed prior to the inception of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and without any Government Grants, Funding or otherwise.  Our services, in our initially 12 months was a next-to-free service.  While this was great for participants budgets, it was not suitable for long-term sustainability.  This is where Able Anglers are different to ALL others;

  • Every single service we offer, is offered because a participant has requested it
  • Not all of our participants service offerings are funded, some participants are on either reduced fee or no fee service.
  • Our focus is ensuring participants have the day of their lives, not the amount of money we put in our pockets.

To further enhance the fact that we are person-focused, person-centred, Able Anglers donated more than $30,000 in 2021 to local reputable and honourable charity services, over and above this, we put on free fishing events and group activities.  We provided over 2,000 hours of non-paid support to participants throughout the year.


What Hurdles Do We Face?

 Able Anglers ourselves do not face hurdles, due to our uniqueness and innovative, approachable style combined with our nurturing, approachable service, we are and will always remain the industry leaders.  However, we do have bug-bears.  These are from jealous, so-called “competitors”, however, these not-for-profits, small businesses and companies are simply a clone that lack innovation and/or business knowledge.

Here are some examples of our bug-bears, we will not name the cloners, however, if they continue to claim to be what they are not, continue to clone what we do, we WILL potentially name them.   Not for our gain, but to ensure their participants and potential participants know about their “unoriginal” and unethical standards.

  • ‘I’m an unpaid CEO’ however, financial reports claim invoices for payment as a contractor (to themselves).
  • Discusses personal lives of other people (including our team members) WITH participants.
  • Claims we have ‘moles’ using their service to get information about their operations, yet we started our business because of the lack of services available to participants (2 years before them).  We did not start because we wanted to copy someone else’s concepts.
  • Claims we have ‘moles’ using their services, however, 2 of their participants joined our service and feed information back to them. We put ‘tests’ in place and they feel right to it.
  • Continually update their website to clone and plagiarise our content, even as far as saying they started in 2013, yet only been registered LEGALLY since 2018. Our initial research in 2014 was there was NO ONE in South-East Queensland, in fact, anywhere in Queensland.  This is simply their attempt to gain creditability.
  • Several of the many cloners have copied their initial names from other companies, forcing them to eventually change their names and rebranding including Names, Slogans, Logos etc.  This saying a lot about their integrity to begin with.
  • Claim we treat participants as if they are “commodities” however, money raised from the services we offer DO NOT go into our pockets, the money is donated to local reputable and honourable charity services.  We do not charge for cancellations, we do not charge for food, lunch or coffees provided.
  • Some companies attend our services, while attending, have attempted to use our groups as a platform for marketing their own objectives.  This is not permitted, not acceptable and is immorally wrong.  Participants attending our sessions are not wanting to be caught up in political battles, talk about their NDIS plans, talk business or anything similarly, they are out to have a great time and to be able to talk and discuss any potential issues they have.
  • If you knew who these cloners were, you would see on their websites and social media pages, they copy so many things from us, their words (sometimes not even changing it), they copy events we plan and operate, they copy the way we do things, they, simply put, are unintuitive, unoriginal and have not integrity.
  • Some have gone as far as providing “new” services where they copied the process from our company.
  • Some companies have even copied our digital intake form and left certain things on the form that is unique to our operations and systems we run.

Why Is The Above A Problem?

The above issues, while for a business, is meant to be flattery, it is more annoying than anything.  In an industry where Participants are continually seeking out service providers who offer, uniqueness, integrity and variety, there is no need to clone or copy someone else.  Innovation is what makes the industry successful.

The companies responsible for the above have crossed lines of integrity, trust, professionalism and ethical lines, while it is not our role or position to police this, what is our role, as a company is to ensure that our Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Patents are not interfered with.  Able Anglers have won numerous awards, we did not do this by cloning or copying other people, we did this by focusing on what is important, our participants.