Covid-19 Lockdown Lifted For Brisbane


Able Anglers are pleased to hear this morning, the lockdown will be lifted here in Brisbane from 4pm today, 8th August 2021.

Able Anglers would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our participants and community members for your support during this lockdown, unfortunately, we are unable to say the same for the Queensland Government, who, in the earlier lockdown had advised “Queensland Government appreciate the contribution Able Anglers make to the community and those living with a mental health condition”.

On this occasion, they advised “Fishing Is Not Allowed”, this told us that the Queensland Government health senior officials do not see value or the actual contribution that our company makes to our participants.  This is quite sad for us as a company and our cause.

Able Anglers do not provide recreational fishing in any shape or form, we facilitate groups and outings for participants living with a disability and/or mental illness, a reason for them to build their independence and their social skills.  Our groups and company have been operating since 2016, contributing to the wellbeing of our participants.

Here is what the Queensland Government need to know;

  • Able Anglers provides an ESSENTIAL service
  • Able Anglers provide enough services to contribute over 350 monthly working hours to the work force, keeping people not only employed but out of  Centrelink (Human Services system) and off the unemployed lines.
  • Able Anglers provide over 350 hours per month of valuable, mental health support to our participants.
  • Able Anglers have over 400 active participants who use our services as an essential service for mental health respite.
  • Able Anglers implemented Covid Safe practises when the pandemic first began to ensure our participants were safe and to ensure everyone involved were safe and virus free.
  • When society has any kind of mental health concerns, they are referred to certain Mental Health Support organisations, some owned by the Federal and State Governments, some independently owned and some charities, Able Anglers receive referrals from ALL of these companies to support participants needing support and assistance, yet, the Queensland Government restricted our operations and this greatly impacted our participants and their mental health.