QLD Government Announced 3 Day Lockdown

This morning (29th March 2021), the Queensland Government announced a 3 Day lockdown commencing from 5pm today and is expected (unless extended), to finish at 5pm on Thursday.

Able Anglers are a Mental Health Respite service, in short, this means that our services can continue to operate, however, in light of the pandemic and the safety of our participants, many of which are in the high risk category, during this lockdown period, we will be converting some group sessions to our 1-on-1 session.

We understand that this is disappointing and upsetting, however, we need to ensure the safety of our participants are priority.  At this stage, the following sessions are cancelled;

30/03/2021 – Australia Zoo
31/03/2021 – Clontarf (Offering 1-on-1 Sessions)

Our Thursday session in the Redlands Area may continue to go ahead due to the way this session operates, however, we will clarify this and make an informed decision on the best practises for our participants.