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Baxter’s Jetty Shorncliffe Land Based

Moreton Bay

Baxter’s Jetty is a beautiful little fishing jetty in Shorncliffe.  Baxter’s Jetty in Shorncliffe is wheelchair friendly and accessible with a local, public toilet also close by.

The waterfront also features concrete footpaths to stroll along the waterfront and enjoy the beautiful scenes.

To see other locations which maybe of interest or closer to your location, you can visit our Fishing Event Locations Near Me page.


Shorncliffe fishing and tuition services are scheduled from time to time. If their are no events listed below, please contact us to discuss a customised session or view our events page to see other events which maybe close to you.

Upcoming Events

  • At the moment, no public events are scheduled for this exact location, however, we are always planning and scheduling events. If you take a look at our Events page, you will see other events that maybe close to your location or you can contact us to discuss a customised session for you or your participant.