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Shorncliffe, Queensland

Moreton Bay

Shorncliffe is a coastal suburb of Brisbane, Australia. It is situated northeast of Brisbane and is the neighbouring suburb of Sandgate. The suburb comes under the jurisdiction of the Brisbane City Council. At the 2016 Australian Census, the suburb recorded a population of 1,870.[1]

It is a small community with a village atmosphere. At times Shorncliffe has different festivals, including The Blue Water Festival whereby that start of the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race begins from the opening of The Cabbage Tree Creek.

Aboriginals called the area Warra, meaning an expanse of water.

Moreton Bay Able Anglers utilise several public and private fishing platforms in the Shorncliffe and Sandgate areas for our fishing groups.  Most of these platforms are wheelchair friendly and all are safe for mobility and stability.  When booking our session for this area, the exact location of the session is provided to our participants the day before the session to ensure all aspects are taken into account such as;

  • UV Levels
  • Wind and Weather
  • Tides
  • Availability of Locations

To see other locations which maybe of interest or closer to your location, you can visit our Fishing Event Locations Near Me page.



Shorncliffe fishing and tuition services are scheduled from time to time. If their are no events listed below, please contact us to discuss a customised session or view our events page to see other events which maybe close to you.

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