Able Anglers have been providing fishing respite services throughout South East Queensland since 2016.

Our social inclusion and community participation services have been designed and built from first-hand experience with Disability and Mental Illnesses, having extensive background in support and carer roles, there was a need within the community.

Able Anglers are unique in design, operation and of course, service offerings.  There are many charities, businesses and volunteer organisations around who offer fishing services, however, this is not the sole purpose of Able Anglers.

Being the largest, longest running, Fishing Respite Service in South-East Queensland we are currently implementing coverage expansion plans allowing participants access to a much needed service.

What Is Able Anglers Primary Focus?

There is a common knowledge that people living with a Disability or Mental Illness become isolated, distant and lonely.  A Disability and/or Mental Illness is a life changing position, one that can take quite some time to adjust to physically and emotionally.

Add to this, the internal thoughts that you will become victimised or centre of attention or that you will be bullied!

The focus here at Able Anglers is to assist each and every participant to forget about any and all of life’s struggles, problems and concerns, meet a great bunch of friends and join a group of like minded people.

So What Is It Not Just A Fishing Service?

A fishing service would be where we simply throw a line in the water and fish, or go on a boat travelling up and down a river and fish, what we do and offer is so much more than this.

Able Anglers is officially registered as a Respite Service because of the way we work, our primarily focus is social inclusion and community participation, but it is also providing an emotional respite service to each participant.

A fishing rod is essentially the beer between mates, the talking, the joking, the stirring and of course, the emotional relief that we accomodate to our participants is more valuable than simply fishing.

Does This Actually Work As A Respite Service?

Able Anglers receives emails and telephone calls on a daily basis from support co-ordinators, support workers and participants themselves telling us how much they not only enjoy the service, look forward to the next one but also, most importantly, how much their mental health has improved.