Able Anglers Pty Ltd (also known as Moreton Bay Able Anglers) is a professional fishing respite services provider.

Moreton Bay Able Anglers commenced trading in 2016 and in 2020, with our expansion plans and to utilise a name more suited to our business model, Moreton Bay Able Anglers became Able Anglers Pty Ltd.

Our services are primarily designed to assist people living with a Disability or Mental Illness to engage in respite services, the way in which we do this is;

  • Emotional Support to all participants through discussion and engagement.
  • Social Inclusion through our fishing groups.
  • Community Participation by allowing our participants to come and join the community to share a common activity such as fishing.

Our business has a history of bringing people together, many of our participants have become friends and/or look forward to our sessions because of the interaction, non-biased, inclusive nature of our sessions.

It is amazing to see the mental health of our participants significantly improve through their interactions and engagements with our service, this is why Able Anglers was designed and incepted.