Able Anglers Pty Ltd seeks to provide the best possible services and support to enhance the lives of people living with a Disability or Mental Illness, we do this through our Respite Services.

Able Anglers Pty Ltd offers our participants a unique respite service, not only do we teach and tutor our participants where needed, but we also provide an effective, verbal communication service where engaging in conversation provides much needed relief to many of our participants.


Able Anglers Pty Ltd's core belief is in the creation of a fair, non-biased, non-judgemental, friendly and welcoming environment.  It is this vision which is also felt by each and every participant of our services.


Able Anglers Pty Ltd employ suitably training employees, employees who are outward, funny, engaging individuals who also have a inbuilt safety factor to ensure our participants engage and feel welcomed into our groups and activities but also to ensure they are safe.

Our Support Workers are responsible for implementing and managing events that have been designed and built by our management team aimed at maximising the living, employment, social and recreational skills of people with a disability.  Community Inclusion and Social and Recreational Skills are our primary focus.

Our Support Workers are a valuable member of our team and contributes to the development of service practice through regular staff meetings, planning processes and policy reviews.  All service delivery must be in line with the Policies and Procedures of Able Anglers Pty Ltd and that of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

From time to time, you may be requested to support a participant on a travel trip, these trips can be conducted anywhere in Australia and are specifically requested by participants inline with their Goals and/or budgets.  For this reason, we prefer participants who are able to travel (with notice).


Current Positions Available

  • Disability Support Worker - Moreton Bay
  • Disability Support Worker - Sunshine Coast
  • Disability Support Worker - Gold Coast


What Makes Awesome Team Members?

A team member in our eyes is a team player, someone who seeks to pursue the companies vision and goals, in order to achieve these goals, the ideal candidate will be client focused and goal driven.

Not just our goal but those of each and every client who utilise our services.  Our clients safety and their goal achievements are paramount to our success.

A employee can be categorised in 2 ways, an Attendee or Employee.  If you are an employee, we want to hear from you.

The Ideal Characteristics

We are seeking employees to join our team who are more bubbly than a school yard bubbler, someone who is more fun than Santa with a bag full of presents.

We want employees who can talk to and converse with a vast range of people, but more importantly, someone who has patience to listen, someone who has the ability to turn tears of sadness into tears of joy!

Your primary goal should be to make a difference to people lives, to make them smile and convert anxiety into joy!

Oh, and someone who doesn't mind smelling fishy every day, we LOOOOVE the smell of bait in the morning, it is better than coffee.

We are not seeking a applicant who is a great fisherman, we are seeking an applicant who is a great people person.

What Does A Employee Require?

  • Blue Card
  • Yellow Card
  • First Aid (with CPR)
  • Current Police Check
  • Smart Phone with Email Access
  • A Smile Bigger Than Your Last

To Apply, Complete The Form Below (Please do not ring)