FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are common questions we are asked about our services.

When Did Able Anglers Pty Ltd Start?

Able Anglers Pty Ltd (also known as Moreton Bay able Anglers).

2014 - Design and Development began on the services being offered
2016 - Moreton Bay Able Anglers commenced operation as a Sole Trading operating in QLD
2020 - Moreton Bay Able Anglers began operation as a Proprietary Limited company under Able Anglers Pty Ltd in QLD

Able Anglers Pty Ltd is a registered company in Queensland Australia and is registered for GST.

During Covid-19 Are We Still Allowed To Operate?

Able Anglers Pty Ltd has been provided a written exemption by DR Jeannette Young, Chief Health Officer on the 19 April 2020 for our respite services to continue to operate.

Our services are an essential service.

"The Queensland Government recognises, and appreciates, the valuable contribution Moreton Bay Able Anglers makes to the community, both in terms of the improved mental health outcomes and services it provides to people living with a disability or mental illness."

What Days Do We Operate?

Our sessions generally operate Monday through to Saturday.  Outings depend heavily on the weather.

Is This Only Boats or Land based?

Able Anglers Pty Ltd can accomodate both land based or water based fishing options, depending on mobility, stability and safety aspects.

Land based fishing takes places at one of the local Jetties, Pontoons, Boat Ramps or secret locations ideally suited to the participants attending.  When considering a location, several aspects are considered before a decision is made.

Our boat based sessions can include a tinnie or Pontoon Boat.  During the COVID-19 situation, the pontoon boat sessions are not available.

Do Participants Need A Carer?

If a participant usually requires a carer or support person, it is a requirement the carer or support person is present at all times.

If a support person is not usually required, a support person is not required.

* All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times *

How Much Does It Cost?

Able Anglers Pty Ltd work extremely hard to provide a stress-free, personalised experience on every trip.

Our fee structure depends on the service offering and some of our services are free offerings whilst others may have a small fee involved.

$45.00 P/Hr - Land Based
$50.00 P/Hr - BBQ Boat Session

* If you have a NDIS Plan (Self Managed or Plan Managed) we can invoice directly to your NDIS plan so there are no out of pocket expenses.

What Is Provided In Each Session?

Able Anglers Pty Ltd are all about inclusion and enjoyment.  Our services are designed to build confidence, capacity and knowledge.  Our sessions all include;

  • Fishing Rod Use
  • Fishing Tackle
  • Bait and Burley
  • Hand Sanitiser use at the commencement, during and after each session
  • All Fishing Rods are cleaned before and after each session

Do Your Boats Have Safety Gear?

Able Anglers Pty Ltd are 100% safety conscious and compliant.  On board our boats we have life jackets, first aid kit, anchors, oars, spare fuel, drinking water and our boats are always driven by a licensed operator.

Where Do You Go In The Boat?

Able Anglers Pty Ltd can launch our tinnie in Sandgate, Bald Hills, Dohles Rocks, Burpengary, Beachmere, Bribie Island, Toorbul, Donnybrook and several other locations.

Our Pontoon Boat sessions are conducted primarily on Bribie Island along the Pumicestone Passage.

Our Catamaran day trips are our exciting new feature, these trips are day trips to Moreton Island for a beautiful sight-seeing, fishing and lunch all on a beautiful catamaran.

How Do I Book A Session?

To book your session, contact us to customise a group booking for your business/clients or to book 1 on 1 sessions.  Sessions are available 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday).

You can also call or SMS our team on 0484 555 029.