Several months ago we were contact by an amazing support co-ordinator, this support co-ordinator was assisting a young man with arranging his support options and services.

This particular participant, we will call him Johnny B Goode, has Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s.  We were informed of Johnny’s newly changed mobility and that Johnny was still getting used to having his wheelchair but having an absolute love of fishing.

We decided to bring along a regular participant of ours to the session, someone who has lived experience with a wheelchair and adaptability in many aspects of his life, not just being able to adapt life to suit, this young man has done an amazing job at doing so.

When Johnny B Goode came to his first session, he met our regular participant and almost immediately they began talking, Johnny was so impressed with our sessions and the way we conduct them and the fact he has made a new friend, he is now also a regular to our sessions (weekly).  Recently they exchanged numbers and talk a great deal about fishing and life in general.

As a respite service provider, our aim or goal is to create a very emotionally rewarding atmosphere and pleasurable experience for all participants and support workers involved.  This success story is exactly the reason why we do what we do.  Not only have Johnny and our other participant became friends, they have been able to share a common ground in fishing, share knowledge and support each other through our social inclusion and community participation programmes.

This is such an amazing story of bringing people together, we wanted to share this with our friends.