Our Support During Lockdown

Disability Support

Covid-19 certainly has changed our lives in so many ways, restrictions, uncertainty and of course, lockdowns preventing our usual way of life from commencing.

As a mental health respite service combined with our first hand and lived experience, we understand how depressing this situation is and how the uncertainty and routine changes effects peoples mental health.

Able Anglers support team members are available to assist with 1-on-1 assistance, this could include;

– Essential shopping
– Medication Collection
– Assist with making phone calls and paperwork
– Assist with cooking meals to freeze for pre-heating
– Sitting and having a chat and listening
– Going for a walk in your local area
– Watching a movie or documentary
– General household tidy up

During the lockdowns, many of our group sessions at the moment are being changed to 1-on-1 sessions or 1-on-1 support services.

When our group sessions do operate during lockdowns and situations where required, all of our fishing rods, reels, tackle and equipment are sanitised individually with alcohol based cleaning solution.

Our team carry hand sanitiser, face masks and all safety precautions are taken. As we are entering the homes of our participants, our team will wear masks and if required, gloves. This measure is to protect our participants, our staff and the public.

Our support services are charged at $45 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours per booking. We understand our hourly rate is much lower than the suggested rate, this is simply because, our focus is person-centred not profit.

Our service quality is of high standards and is performed by experienced and qualified team members.

To book one of our team members to provide assistance, please contact our team.