Bundaberg STA (Short Term Accomodation)

Bundaberg NDIS STA Short Term Accomodation Stays.

Able Anglers are providing Bundaberg STA services, being an expanding service provider, our services are rapidly expanding to accomodate the needs and requests of all of our nearly 450 participants.

Some of the requests we have received are a continuation of our Short Term Accomodation services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).  Despite how the short term stays, otherwise known as STA (Short Term Accomodation) look, these are not holidays or some kind of Government funded holidays, the STA have a very specific purpose.

These respite sessions are designed to give participants and/or informal supports a break to ensure a participants mental health is not diminished or reduced, by providing a Respite service, this is a refresh to ensure participants and informal supports do not burn out.

Able Anglers have provided STA services in Cairns, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay and Nanango.  As part of each and every STA session, Able Anglers ensures that participants are engaged in capacity building in a safe, fun and exciting way.

On all of our Respite services, professional assistance and support is provided, all expenses such as Accomodation, Transport, Support 24×7, Food, Activities and fun.  Each service offering is customised specific to the participants who attend to ensure they enjoy every aspect of the respite to ensure the maximum effect.

To discuss a trip for you or your participant, please contact us today.