Friendships, Tall Stories and Fishing

NDIS Social Activities - Fishing Groups

Able Anglers believe that everyone, regardless of stature, disability, mental illness, background, ethnicity, language barriers or race deserves the opportunity to not just enjoy life, but live life!

Our slogan, “Reel Opportunities For Real People” explains the entire reason why we started back in 2016, to assist, encourage and motivate our participants to enjoy some of life’s most amazing, fun filled activities while making like-minded friends.

Since our company started in 2016, through our regular fishing sessions (1-on-1 and groups), our team have not only seen a significant improvement in our participants confidence and motivation, but we are, only a daily basis, complimented on “such a wonderful service”.

Social Isolation, or otherwise known as a “rut” is easy to fall into, unfortunately, life has a way of getting in the way of our happiness and motivation.  Sometimes, all we need is someone to listen and to show us they care.

Meeting new friends, participating in group activities and social events where there is no judgement, no biased opinions, just simply fun and several sets of ears to listen is all we need.  Able Anglers provides just that . . .

While Able Anglers, as a company receives a great amount of support, testimonials and have won multiple awards, we feel it truly is our participants who are the people who deserve the praise.  Our participants have all, individually and collectively overcome some barriers and some hurdles but they, themselves have overcome these and grown along the way!