Our Clients

Our Clients (Who Are They)?

Able Anglers Pty Ltd have a vast range of clients who utilise our services, our services are available to any member of the public to participate however, below are a list of client genres that are commonly inquiring about our awesome services.

Disability Inclusion:

People living with a disability are often fought with barriers.  The barriers are not to do with their abilities, the barriers are more often than not, social inclusion and opportunities to be treated equally.  It is one of the primary reasons why Able Anglers Pty Ltd was born.

Disabilities are not always visible, simply not having a wheelchair or wheelie walker, does not mean a condition is any less important or serious.

Mental Health Inclusion:

People living with a mental illness are often fought with barriers, similarly to those living with a disability.  The barriers are societies lack of understanding and ability to enable inclusion.  Our social interaction and group fishing sessions assist people living with a disability to participate in social activities to not only assist them, but to better their moral and emotional health.

Aged Care Inclusion:

Aged Care facilities and in-home care providers often discuss with our team about custom designed fishing sessions, these sessions, like all sessions take into considering the participants mobility, emotional state and safety.

Returned Service Men & Women Inclusion:

One thing we find is our returned service men and women are forgotten, their amazing service they provided to our country and to that of other countries to keep us safe.  While Anzac Day is a major celebrated, decorated day, we believe that more should be given to these men and women who put their life on the line to us all.

Often returned service men and women are left with scars both physically and mentally.  Through Able Anglers Pty Ltd we like to think that our fishing sessions are a great relief for these men and women and that they are made to feel appreciated for their service.