Capacity Building
Social Inclusion
Community Participation

Able Anglers Pty Ltd loves group sessions as much as we love single, solo sessions.

We utilise public, council built fishing platforms, It is these fishing platforms with the guidance of our reel instructor, our participants enjoy a beautiful fishing session.  We understand that some participants only like to fish for small amounts of time whilst others like to fish for hours on end.

If you would like to discuss or organise your own group session for your organisation, we are more than happy to discuss and accomodate this.

Our Fishing Group Events page shows all of the currently planned group sessions, please note, our 1 on 1 sessions are not listed as public sessions.

The rate on these sessions are $45.00* per hour for participants and can be billed directly to NDIS plans if a participant is Self or Plan Managed.  If you are NDIA Managed, please contact us to discuss this.

* Higher rates apply for weekend or public holidays