ABLE ANGLERS Professional Photography Sessions
Photography Outings

Professional Photography Sessions

Able Anglers is primarily a fishing respite service, however, one of the companies directors is a professional, multi-award winning, internationally published photographer.

Photography is something that many people like to admire, however, imagine being able to capture images that not only hang on your wall but a image that speaks a thousand words!

Well, with the help of Steve, you can learn and experience many aspects of photography;

  • Composition
  • Exposure
  • Shutter Speeds and Uses
  • Light Sources and Manipulation
  • FStop / Aperture Settings and Uses
  • Flash Photography
  • Trick Photography
  • Post Editing Photography
  • Camera Settings and Uses

It does not matter if you have a $300 camera phone or a $3000 DSLR camera, the results will speak for themselves.

These sessions are conducted on-location, depending on the objects or scenes a participant is interested in capturing.

Some of Steve's strong captures are;

  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Night (Astrophotography)
  • Light Painting (Light Streaks)
  • Water Drop Photography
  • Landscapes including Water Falls
  • Portraits (Male, Female, Pets)

These sessions are generally conducted in the afternoons (except for Astrophotography and Light Painting).

The rate on these sessions are $45.00* per hour for participants and can be billed directly to NDIS plans if a participant is Self or Plan Managed.  If you are NDIA Managed, please contact us to discuss this.

* Higher rates apply for weekend or public holidays