Professional Photography Sessions

Able Anglers is primarily a fishing respite service, however, one of the companies directors is a professional, multi-award winning, internationally published photographer.

Photography is something that many people like to admire, however, imagine being able to capture images that not only hang on your wall but a image that speaks a thousand words!

Well, with the help of Steve, you can learn and experience many aspects of photography;

  • Composition
  • Exposure
  • Shutter Speeds and Uses
  • Light Sources and Manipulation
  • FStop / Aperture Settings and Uses
  • Flash Photography
  • Trick Photography
  • Post Editing Photography
  • Camera Settings and Uses

It does not matter if you have a $300 camera phone or a $3000 DSLR camera, the results will speak for themselves.

These sessions are conducted on-location, depending on the objects or scenes a participant is interested in capturing.

Some of Steve's strong captures are;

  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Night (Astrophotography)
  • Light Painting (Light Streaks)
  • Water Drop Photography
  • Landscapes including Water Falls
  • Portraits (Male, Female, Pets)

These sessions are generally conducted in the afternoons (except for Astrophotography and Light Painting).

The rate on these sessions are $45.00* per hour for participants and can be billed directly to NDIS plans if a participant is Self or Plan Managed.  If you are NDIA Managed, please contact us to discuss this.

* Higher rates apply for weekend or public holidays


Able Anglers is a Social Inclusion service, under the Queensland Government's definition of service, we are a Mental Health Respite Service.  Able Anglers was formed in 2016.

Since our inception, Able Anglers have won multiple awards including;

  • Mental Health Respite Services Of The Year 20/21
  • TEC's Autism Provider Of The Year 2021
  • Nominated for Community Achievement Awards - Community Group Of The Year
  • HESTA - 2021 Hesta Excellence Awards

To ensure our commitment, understanding and compassion for our participants, Able Anglers Pty Ltd are a current member of the Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association.

Our companies culture and goal of putting our participants, their safety and need for inclusion before profit has assisted our company to establish ourselves within this industry, having the desire and ability to bring events, activities and experiences to our growing number of participants are amazing!