Short Term Respite Services

Short Term Accommodation (or STA) is accessible for short periods of time when a participant’s usual supports and/or accommodation cannot be accessed.Β  Short term accommodation also offers an opportunity for people with a disability/mental illness to meet new people and try new activities, and also allows parents and carers to take a break or focus on other commitments.

Short Term Accomodation, Short Term Respite, STA are all variables used to describe or request these respite services.

It is extremely important to note that a STA is NOT a holiday in the general sense, it is a service offered to provide emotional relief and mental health respite to both a participant and their regular/informal supports.

Able Anglers offers STA services throughout Queensland and Interstate.Β  These Short Term respite "trips" are designed to building on a participants capacity by learning new skills, geography from the local areas and exploration in a fun, casual and stress-free environment.

All STA's includes all expenses;

  • Transport
  • Support
  • Accommodation
  • Food (3 x meals a day)
  • Activities
  • Exploration

A STA sessions generally operate 3 nights/4 days however, all of our sessions are customisable to suit a participants goals, objectives and budget.

We often find that participants and/or their informal supports need a break away and to unwind from life's day to day stressed. Β This is where Able Anglers can assist participants who are Plan Managed or Self Managed.

Able Anglers are bringing new services online all of the time, from 2020, Able Anglers are offering STA (Short Term Accomodation) | Respite Services from 4 days to 7 days away.

Some locations include;

  • Cairns & Far North Queensland
  • Hervey Bay and Surrounding Areas
  • Country Queensland Camping
  • Gold Coast, Queensland
  • Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Our STA packages are designed to allow a participant to unwind, having quality support personnel on hand 24x7 during our respite trips. Β Our trips are relaxing, fun and always educational.Β  Able Anglers customises every respite trip to each and every participants needs and goals.

We believe in "Reel Opportunities For Real People" and by providing services to our participants that allow them to refresh and reboot enables a better quality of life and better mental health.

To discuss your desired location, please contact us today.